How does DealSpanner work




What does DealSpanner do?


We search the web everyday to find the best deals for restaurants, spas, theatres, special events and whole lot more, in multiple cities from the top reputed daily deal sites, including TeamBuy, Ethical Deal, Plum District, Saveology, Living Social, DealTicker and many more. By understanding your tastes, likes and preferences we make sure that we only recommend deals you’ll like, saving you time and money and ensuring your inbox isn’t full of unwanted offers.


Where can I find the deal I purchased?


We don’t actually sell any deals directly. We simply direct you to deal sites where you can buy the best deals for you. If you’re having issues with the deal you’ve bought, try contacting the daily deal provider directly.


Is my personal information on DealSpanner secure?


Your privacy is our priority. For the details, please see our Privacy Policy.


In what cities are you featured?


Although we are new, we are already available in most of the major cities in USA & Canada and intend to add more as we move forward. You can see our full city list here. What’s more we also scan for National deals too.



Why do I see duplicate entries for same cities?

At times, you may see duplicate entries for same cities. Our application is designed to pull all the best deals from different affiliate partners that we have. Sometimes, same city is coded differently in two deal sites & our application makes two entries for the same city. This feature is sometimes helpful, because anytime our affiliate deal site opens a new market; automatically captures that city and presents the deal. This way we make sure that you do not miss out on the best deals available. 


We strive to make your browsing simpler and hope to improve this feature, so that we can avoid duplicate entries.



Can I unsubscribe or manage my email settings?


Absolutely, simply Sign In and select My Account. In here you can manage your Profile along with Preferences and Email Frequency.

If you want to learn more, shoot us an email at